Less mortgage through DUO and leasing

Perform consumers sufficiently realize which usually credit and financial obligations impact the maximum level of their home loan or consumer credit to be requested? Often not. And that as the impact can be huge whenever purchasing their dream home or financing a loan objective to be realized. The more present loans and loans plus financial obligations, the lower the maximum mortgage amount.

Pupil finance and lease agreement

DUO, Schooling Implementation Service, and several renting companies do not point out to their own customers that, when getting into a student loan or rent agreement, this has a major effect on the maximum loan amount for the mortgage or consumer credit.

In the first situation, considering the age and personal scenario, buying a home or trying to get a consumer loan is not however a matter of short term. But if the pupil goes to work after finishing the study and wants to purchase a house, then the student loan is really a block on the financial lower-leg. As a starter it is currently difficult to make the move on the particular housing market, but an delinquent loan does not make it simpler.

In the case of the lease contract, only a really small group of leasing companies notify their customers about the outcomes of leasing in combination with credit.

Ascending home loan deficit

Not only present loans through, for example , DUO or a lease contract create a mortgage deficit. The maximum home loan will fall from 101% to 100% with impact from 1 January following. Consumers who want to borrow cash to finance the costs from the buyer, renovation or recurring debt will want to finance these things with a consumer credit. There is no space left to finance these types of costs through the mortgage. This too applies to the costs that you incur for moving to your brand new home. The mortgage debt is increasing for the customer.

Financing debt

Assess regardless of whether you can fully finance the home with a mortgage or regardless of whether additional financing is required by means of a consumer credit. As a customer, how do you finance all extra costs for your new house? Even then, a consumer credit score offers opportunities that a home loan can no longer offer.

The current interest rate is reduced, so financing a restoration or buyer costs is helpful if you take out a personal mortgage. You fix the in the past low interest rate for the entire timeframe of the loan. Do you want a significant renovation of the new house? A combination loan has been created for high loan quantities. Two personal loans that are positioned with two banks so the risk for the bank is usually small and you can benefit from the interest rate. The high loan quantity up to € 150, 500 is possible.

Ask for quote

Supplement your own mortgage deficit with a credit? Request a quote on the web and receive an overview with the most appropriate proposals from our partner banking institutions. You choose the best offer and then all of us arrange for the bank to pay the particular loan amount to you right after acceptance and approval from the loan.