Beware of Money Loan Bids with a Fast Process! Observe the following facts to avoid being fooled

Currently, Credit Lending is becoming more and more popular with the general public. Yes, these unsecured loans are becoming more and more popular for people who need extra funds quickly and simply. Even these adult Credit Lending loans are offered not only by banks but also by non-bank agencies. As such, this Credit Lending service is easier to reach.

In addition, Credit Lending is relatively easier to liquidate than a secured loan. If so, how can it not be popular? More interestingly, the debtor/lender does not have to provide collateral/guarantee of their valuable personal assets, such as gold, homes, cars, land and more to obtain loan funds.

Always Be Careful Before Deciding To Take Loan Program

Always Be Careful Before Deciding To Take Loan Program

However, it should be emphasized that this Credit Lending is actually an official product of the bank. Therefore, be careful when looking for a Credit Lending loan. Don’t be careless. Remember, Credit Lending is a debt related to your financial condition. It would be wise if you chose the bank as the most reliable party to provide you this Credit Lending fund.

Most people are in a state of desperation and are in a hurry and want Credit Lending to quickly melt without any fuss. But wrongdoing got stuck in the ‘land leech’. Please note, there are also those who claim to be able to provide Credit Lending. They often call themselves “bank intermediaries”.

In this case, keep in mind that not all of them are credible. Some claim to be able to liquidate the Credit Lending by simply capitalizing your full biodata, or simply posting a status comment on Facebook. Of course, we all know that getting a liquid Credit Lending is not that simple.

On the other hand, there are a number of other financing or lending companies that offer this credit-free service. Note, however, that the terms and conditions of their Credit Lendings are certainly different from those of the bank as such companies and individuals are not bound by the government’s official rules.

General Terms of Applying for Credit Lending Loans

General Terms of Applying for Credit Lending Loans

As such, here are the general requirements that banks provide to liquidate the CPA that you need to know:

  1. The last 3 months,
  2. ID and ID,
  3. Employee pay slip/income statement slip,
  4. Marriage / divorce / death / premarital agreement,
  5. NPWP / SPT.

If you are currently having trouble finding and sorting to use a Credit Lending product from a bank or non-bank, then choose this Credit Lending lender. Compare first the things around the Credit Lendings from both sides. Let’s compare the following:

About Credit Lending Loans to Know

About Credit Lending Loans to Know

There are specific rules regarding the interest rate of Credit Lending in each bank. Generally, the interest rate for the borrower’s status is smaller than the interest rate on the borrower. There is a difference of about 0.2 percent.

What about the flowers that the company or the individual use? Usually, they apply higher interest rates than banks. They are freer to decide on flowers because they are not bound by certain rules especially from the government. This is in contrast to the bank whose interest rates are in compliance with Bank Indonesia’s terms.


In most cases, the bank applies an annual provocation fee. This provision can be interpreted as an administrative fee. Specifically for loans of $ 50 million and above, there are several banks that release borrowers from the cost of this provision.

On behalf of the company or individual Credit Lending providers, the cost of this provision depends on the policy of the company or individual financing. If you choose a financing company as your Credit Lending provider, then ask them directly how much of the provision they apply to you.

Credit Plans

A credit card is the maximum value of a loan. Banks generally offer a range of Credit Lendings in the range of USD 3-200 million. While the floor of a financing company or individual is more varied because it is not bound by specific rules.