Are you responsible with your money?

Many times it happens to us that we feel insecure and can fear us before taking an important step in our life. It is a normal feeling in the absence of knowledge of the future, if we knew what was going to happen, we would not be so nervous.

The choice of the university career (if you stop to think coldly), the choice of the master’s degree, a job change, the purchase of a house, your wedding, … and like these, a thousand things may come to mind that can take away our sleep at certain moments in life, until the decision is made.

Can I pay what I want to buy?


In a large majority of those issues that take away our peace of mind, the economic issue influences. Will I earn enough money? Can I pay what I want to buy? Will i live well? Is it too expensive? Is it really worth the expense? This theme influences – and throughout – your whole life and can get to chase you if you don’t know how to manage it in a correct way.

What should you do?; Ask for a personal loan to pay something timely?

What should you do?; Ask for a personal loan to pay something timely?

But … will they give it to you? Is it too high and you are not sure you can return it? Are you going to have a steady job for the rest of your life and can you be calm asking for a high amount? Do you have a job and legally provable income to be granted the personal loan? Can you cope with all the expenses you already have and also the credit installments? And so, a million more questions that go through your head in a matter of seconds.

All these questions influence the decision to apply for a loan or not to carry out this reform in the house that needs it so much, to finally study the master’s degree that will make you change jobs or buy you the motorcycle that will make you so easy. life.

Commitment to your money

We do not know what will happen in the future, however, risk analysts know what has happened in the past thanks to your banking movements and, based on them, take out a series of parameters on which to base their decisions on when granting you – or not – the personal loan you need. Analysts are able to know your degree of “economic responsibility” and commitment to your money.

In the case of Crowdlending, borrowers must be serious people. It is other people who lend them money and should be aware of it. Thus, Crowdlending loan analysts have very strong evaluation criteria in order to generate that confidence in investors and try to “foresee a good payment future.”

Anticipate that the person requesting the money will return it

We leave you here the eight indicators that analysts look at when studying a profile to grant you the personal loan you are requesting. All of them revolve around the same thing: try to anticipate that the person requesting the money will return it periodically and without incident (or with the least possible). Avoiding risks that have already occurred in borrowers’ accounts (such as not paying and being in delinquent files for another loan) is essential in the world of personal loans. Leaving money to someone who will return it is the maximum.